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4 reasons why SA buyers are choosing homes in security estates

03 Oct 2019

There are now close to 7 000 security estates scattered across South Africa - just why are buyers choosing them?

According to the MD of Westbrook lifestyle estate in Port Elizabeth, Clifford Oosthuizen, there are four basic needs homeowners tend to want when considering investing in a secure estate:

1. Safety and security top the list

Safety is often the primary factor that influences where people want to live, and recent reports show increasing numbers of South Africans are opting to live in security estates for this reason alone.

"We have security personnel 24/7 at all four access points as well as in response vehicles constantly patrolling our grounds. By the end of August, we'll also have security cameras throughout the entire complex," says Oosthuizen.

"Plus security estates tend to have closer-knit communities than normal suburbs. In an estate like ours, the community tends to be very aware of what is happening around them."

2. A sound investment

Even through downturns in the property market, well-run estates tend to remain in demand, and their performance stable. Plus, the better the recreational and other facilities on offer, such as schools, entertainment and commercial options, the better an investment will perform compared to those in smaller estates.

Building costs can also be kept in check, which is in turn reflected in the cost of units on the marketplace, all without compromising quality.

"We're exceptionally fortunate to have a strong partner behind us, namely the Amdec Group, who can weather fluctuations in the marketplace and keep on building, so that we can deliver on our promises to residents," says Oosthuizen.

3. Keeping costs down

Apart from keeping building costs and sale prices down, security estates also enable homeowners to save on living costs. Insurance providers inevitably reward estate homeowners by charging them less, and they also save on costs such as fencing to enclose a property or the installation of an alarm to make it safer, not to mention the costs of subscribing to a private security company.

Levies are collectively put to best use to the benefit of each homeowner's pocket too, with maintenance and overall running of an estate undertaken by one centralised management team.

"All under the watchful eye of what should always be a very well-run homeowners association who will ensure that these levies are not only well spent but that every rand adds value to the complex," says Oosthuizen.

The unit volumes and overall public space available inside an estate allows for numerous facilities, but also results in a large pool of homeowners contributing towards levies. And, of course, the larger the estate, the lower the levies for each household, he says.

4. Endless lifestyle options on call

Equally important are the lifestyle elements that an estate can offer, and again the larger the estate, the more options for residents: from sporting facilities such as communal swimming pools or parks to schools, shopping and even office complexes.

"Residents in Westbrook will ultimately have all of these and more," says Oosthuizen.

"We have a Curro School that already runs up to Grade 9, and we are in the planning stages for a step-down hospital, office blocks, a piazza-type environment that will have shops and restaurants, and even a 1 000 unit Evergreen Retirement Village. In fact, everything homeowners will need in close proximity to where they live - an essential element of today's busy lifestyles."

Westbrook itself will ultimately be made up of nine residential villages, the first of which, The Ridge, with 150 units was completed at the end of June this year. Work has now begun on the first 44 units to be contained in the second village, Riverdale.

Article published courtesy of Property24

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