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Top schools raise property price tag in 'hoods'

25 Jun 2018

Homes near the country's good and popular schools are increasingly being sought by property buyers, regardless of whether or not such schools have zoning policies.

Although most provinces no longer implement school zoning policies, schools sometimes give preference to pupils living close by, making admission periods even more stressful for parents.

The increase in traffic congestion, and added convenience in living close to school, are also reasons why properties near certain schools are in demand.

New research commissioned and released by online low-commission property company PropertyFox shows that, of the 65 top high schools - primarily public schools - a large percentage gave preference to pupils who lived nearby.

The company's School Feeder Zones 2018 Guide shows that, when accepting new pupils:

Six schools (9%) specified their preferred suburbs.

Six schools (9%) specified their preferred primary feeder schools.

29 schools (44%) gave preference to pupils who lived nearby.

25 (38%) had no explicit zones.

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