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Budget 2020: Stalling property market needs economic relief

25 Feb 2020

The stalling property market is in dire need of economic relief. The 2016-2018 transfer duty and capital gains tax (CGT) hikes were never going to result in higher government revenue, quite the opposite as is now evident from the sales data. The hikes started in 2015 when a new transfer duty cate...

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Tips for sellers in a buyer's market

25 Feb 2020

The conditions currently prevailing in the property market are geared to favour buyers. Supply currently exceeds demand, the repo rate came down by 25 basis points recently, and banks are offering loans in excess of 100%, all factors that make it easier for buyers, particularly for those purchasing ...

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Are SA urban environments successful?

21 Feb 2020

What makes for a successful and sustainable urban environment in today's current climate, and how successful these are in SA. Home owner needs from their urban environments are often guided by technology. South African cities are impacted by an ageing infrastructure environment where resources...

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How the SPLUMA Act will affect sellers

20 Feb 2020

According to new legislation, all municipalities will have to be compliant with the SPLUMA (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management) Act by October 2020. But what exactly does this mean and how will it impact sellers? From October 2020 going forward, the National Deeds Office will now require ...

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