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New specialized game breeding farm

Jansenville, Jansenville

ZAR - 8,700,000

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New specialized game breeding farm for sale

Made up of a single title, the property is a little over 577h in extent.

This property was historically a small stock farm. The current owner however purchased and developed it specifically for high value game breeding. The entire farm has been re developed. All internal fencing is new, the external game fence, pumps etc are all new and the house and labourers house have both undergone a complete revamp.

The farm was chosen for the combination of open flats that make for easy monitoring, capture and handling of game, wooded drainage lines that afford both shade, shelter and browse where necessary and irrigation which ensures food security. Considerable though, effort and money have been sunk into the infrastructure to make this ideal for the valuable animals it will sustain.

Veld types
The veld is predominately Karoo with some broken acacia savannah. While most of the grazing is in the form of Karoo succulents, the southern half of the property has reasonable to good grass cover. Drainage lines showed good covering of Pannicum and digitaria, especially in the shadier forest margins. Also seen were significant stands of cenchrus, again in the lower lying areas, while the flatter regions tended towards the aristidas and surprisingly robust stands of Stipagrostis.

Low lying areas and drainage lines are well wooded, mainly with Acacia Karoo, but a lot of other Karoo tree species such as Jacket plum, Boscias, Scotias and Guarri, all of which are present in healthy quantities.

Most of the southern boundary of the property ( 2.4km of river frontage ) is formed by the Little Fish river. Here there is some very healthy Karoo forest stretching about 80 – 100 m away from the river. This lush patch thrives in the deep alluvial soils alongside the river and provides ideal habitat for not only the resident Kudu and bushbuck population, but would be absolutely ideal for Nyala and impala.

Rainfall / Irrigation / water
The farm falls in a predominately summer rainfall area with an annual average of 380mm. The lifeblood of this area is undoubtedly the irrigation. The farm has 25 of water rights and a total of 25h of current irrigation. This is split between 2 “Commercial blocks“ and a number of smaller blocks strategically located in each of 4 internal camps. Accordingly each of the 4 camps has its own green fodder, independent of the larger blocks that are cut and baled.

While most of the irrigation blocks have established Lucerne, there are a split 3h under perma sets which have been sown to Braz Grass. This is well established and has proven to be the chosen fodder of the local game.

The current owner will restore a damaged 2 500 m3 reservoir that, once in service allows one to pump and irrigate during off peak hours at night .
Domestic water is supplied by one of 2 boreholes on the farm. This one equipped with an electric submersible pump, the other by a windmill. All the camps have piped Fish River water.

The current owner has build a total of 9 earth dams along drainage lines and has done a considerably amount of work to reverse any erosion that has started particularly on the Northern section.
With the exception of the 3h of perm sets, the rest of the irrigation is currently drag lines. These are in the process of being replaced with perma sets.

Main House – is a relatively simple 3 bedroom unit with a large kitchen, separate dining room and lounge, and large front veranda area. The entire house has been re painted, and all the wooden floors, doors and windows restored and varnished. The next step is to fit a new kitchen. While it is by no means a grand structure, it will make a very livable home.
Adjoining the main house is a large double garage with an equal sized lean to, both of which are currently been utilized for Lucerne storage. The back side of this structure has been converted into staff housing with 2 bedrooms, a living / kitchen area and toilet / shower.

Away from the main house, what was corrugated iron staff housing is likewise utilized as Lucerne storage.

Power – is importantly supplied directly from Eskom. The farms next door fall under Somerset Municipality at double the tariffs. The house has a 50kva transformer and the pump station a 100kva.

Fencing – the external game fence is a brand new 2.4m, 22 strand construction with solid plastic 50 mm droppers placed at 1m centres. The droppers are unbreakable and have an estimated 80 year lifespan.
All the 1.4m internal camp fencing is of a similar standard, also build with the plastic droppers while 3 of the 4 also have netting to 1m and are build to be as predator proof as is possible. The larger blocks of irrigation are also camped off.

As discussed, the whole farm has been designed around a high value game breeding project. There are currently 3 herds of Blesbuck on the property, consisting of yellow backed ewes with a “coffee” ram, plain whites with 2 “painted rams” and a herd containing 10 “muscars”
As soon as the transfer season allows, a herd of yellow gemsbuck, 100 Kalahari springbuck, breeding herds of copper springbuck and 30 Nyala will be bought on.. Also in catered for in the design phase are sable and buffalo, the former of which does extremely well here due to the negligible parasite load. The owner has a herd of 17 Buff which may be bought onto the property should the farm not sell before June.
The farm may however be purchased with or without all introduced animals.

If one is looking to get into the high value game industry, this farm is perfect. The openness and comparative flatness of the property allows for easy management, while the topography and drainage lines have just enough feature and shelter to add the shade and security necessary for some species. The infrastructure, in terms of fencing and land layout is superb and the irrigation provides all the food security one could ask for. The climate is dry, which helps with internal parasites, and the combination of accessibility, relative openness and superb netting fencing should make predator control relatively simple. These facets, coupled with the fact that there is already an extremely valuable nucleus of established colour variant Blesbuck will provide a lot of momentum for an incoming buyer.

R 8.7 mill + VAT if applicable. ( This price includes a brand new baler, Lucerne cutter, plus a tractor and various other implements. , but excludes all introduced game )


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