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690 Hectares over 6 title deeds

Joubertinia, Joubertina

ZAR - 4,950,000

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The farm is situated in the Heights / Opkoms area some 15 km East of Joubertina Size Made up of 6 individual titles, the property is a shade over 690h

This area of the Kouga Sourveld region is where extensive stock farming meets intensive fruit, being pretty much the extreme limit of either practice. The farming activities would best be described as mixed stock farming with some fruit orchards, although I would personally look to change this around in favour of the fruit. Typical of this region the property consists of broken hill veld with large, flat valleys in between, as well as a large lateral drainage line running N/S. This is broken by a series of dams, all of which can be utilized if necessary for irrigation purposes

Veld types

The predominant biome here would be the typical sourveld false fynbos. The slopes in particular have an impressive density of Themeda as well as some aristida congesta, both of which are very well utilized in summer. There are a total of 300h of lands in the one lateral valley. Of this, approximately half is planted every year to winter fodder crops like oats and rye grass. The remaining half has been sown to perennial pastures, the most significant of which is yellow serradella ( ornithopus compressus ), which, due to its hard coated seed, has been slowly establishing itself to a point where in places it probably constitutes 80% of the total ground cover. This is an invaluable asset during the colder winter months when most of the climax grasses are un palatable. The balance of the pasture areas were made up of eragrostis Curvula, which again, although initially seeded seems to have spread very nicely. A second valley system running N/S follows an active drainage line. As such, if left, it would probably revert totally to reeds. It currently contains a fair amount of kikuyu, and I have no doubt that a very large percentage of the 100 or so hectares could be established to dry land kikuyu with very little effort. Alternatively a perennial pasture grass like Rhodes that thrives in wetter areas would also be a rewarding option. Potential would obviously also exist to greatly expand on the farms deciduous orchards. The current farmer has lent more towards stock farming out of personal preference, but concedes that the fruit is a more significant money spinner. As alluded to earlier, I would therefore advise that expansion in this regard would be the more lucrative option going forward.

Rainfall / Water

The farm falls in a transition summer / winter rainfall area with an annual average of 480mm. There is exceptional natural water on the property. The house is supplied via a borehole (windmill) that provides sufficient, good quality water for the houses and domestic use. There is one additional windmill used for stock water and 1 additional borehole which at the moment is not equipped. There are no less than 13 dams on the property, at least 9 of which would hold in excess of 24 months water. 3 of these are fed via 2 perennial fountains, while the balance, bar 1 form part of the long lateral drainage line referred to above that fill easily from run off. In addition to the above, the property has a reported 12h of water rights (awaiting certificates). This is in the form of “Beurt water” out of a canal system. In total the farm enjoys 96hrs of usage from this source per fortnight cycle, an allocation which has proved more than sufficient, not only for the properties current irrigation requirements and stock usage, but also to maintain the dams at the default 100% level. Improvements The infrastructure on the farm is ageing but very functional.

The main house has 4 bedrooms, 2 lounge areas, 2 bathrooms, a separate dining room and kitchen. It is the home of the current owner and while typical of the rambling designs common to farm houses in this area, it is very functional. The main store area adjacent to the house is approx 600m2 and serves as both workshop and shearing shed. There are separate implement sheds as well as numerous other outbuildings, inherited by the amalgamation of 6 titles. There are at least 4 functional staff houses. Internal fencing, although existent and extensive, is not in great condition and would require some maintainance. There are both cattle and small stock handling facilities, both of which are functional if not a show piece.


All the orchards viewed are in good condition and are all comprised of relatively young trees. (sub 11 years). There are approximately 2.1h of apples, divided roughly 75/25 Granny Smiths / Top reds. There are an additional 1.75h of pears, again split roughly 50/50 between Packams and Forelle. These trees will now be in peak production and should remain there for at least the next 10 years. There is ample ground, and ample water to expand this into a very significant profit centre. Conclusion The farm is currently run as a profitable, mixed farming venture. I would hazard that perhaps too much emphasis has been put on diversity while there is little apparent focus on any one profit centre. The fruit is undoubtedly the primary money spinner and expansion in this area to the maximum threshold, practical in terms of the available water, would undoubtedly be considered best use and this development could be done with no impact whatsoever on the other ventures. A more intensive camp approach would likewise improve the overall veld capacity and would definitely translate into a higher carrying ability for both small and large stock. So, while there is considerable scope for growth, one has the opportunity to do so from what is already a profitable base and off a pricing platform that is based, for once, on what is actually there as opposed to what can be.

Price R 4.95 million plus Vat if payable.

The above pricing is for land only. A very attractive going concern package can be put together with the considerable equipment that is on the farm and the stock. All of the equipment is ageing, but very well maintained and more than adequate for the farms requirements. This, together with the stock on the farm is priced at a fraction of the value of its individual parts.


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