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Grahamstown Central, Grahamstown

ZAR - 23,000,000

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The farm is situated in the heart of big game country between Nanaga and Grahamstown.
Made up of a single title, the property is a little over 1713h in extent.
This property has historically always been a mixed stock farm. That said, it is probably one of the most ideally balanced game breeding / hunting farms I have seen. Its high carrying capacity would equate to a very impressive density of game, coupled with interesting, but traversable topography, the varied habitats etc allow for the introduction of pretty much any species.
Approximately 400h of the property is divided off from the main block by the Alicedale road. For a stock farmer this is of little consequence. For a game operation, this piece would be perfect for an intensive breeding program, with a more extensive or hunting operation on the 1300h North of the road.
Veld types

Despite the high average rainfall, the farm is predominately sweet veld. The elevated ground in the extreme North of the property is sourveld, offering excellent summer grazing, but the remaining 90 % has all the sweet veld species and offers excellent year round results.
The default grass is Themeda Triandra, occurring in densities I have seldom seen before. The more heavily wooded areas, drainage lines and forest margins have good coverings of Pannicum, while old lands and spots where stock has historically concentrated are predominately eragrostis Curvula and cynodon respectively.
In the 1960's the farm was given a stocking limit of 539 LSU which is over 1 LSU - 3.5h. Over the years though, indigenous bush encroachment would have reduced this slightly, but trials have shown this process is easily reversed. It is my feeling that, with minimal effort, this 1 -3.5 ratio is very plausible.
Browse is excellent, as is the density of feature tree species. Copious Wild Olives, Scotias, Milkwoods, Sneezewoods, Knobwoods, Rhus and Cussonias making up just a portion of the species encountered. These are either in the form of clump savannah or, in the drainage lines, thick forest that is ideal habitat for the numerous bushbuck, nyala and blue duiker on the property.

Rainfall / water
The farm falls in a predominately summer rainfall area with an annual average of 600mm.
For the area, the farm is incredibly water rich. There are a total of 22 earth dams, 5 of which hold in excess of 30 months worth of water. There are likewise a number of springs on the property, 1 of which has never dried up and is an integral part of the water supply to the mountain section. What undoubtedly separates this farm from any others in the area though is the one borehole. Situated on the 400h piece south of the road, it was tested at 22 000 litres an hour and is of a particularly good quality. It is used, as is, in the farms hydroponics tunnels without need for any buffering, Ph adjustment or purification.
Water from the borehole is pumped to a central reservoir, from where it is reticulated to all but the highest mountain sections of the farm.
Main House - is beautifully situated, looking down the entire length of the farm with stunning views of the Northern Highlands mountains. It's a relatively modern 3 bedroom unit and its set in a well laid out garden. It has one, beautifully fitted bathroom, 3 large bedrooms, spacious kitchen with separate scullery area, a separate lounge and dining room and 2 large office areas, one with a walk in safe. The other area could easily be converted into an en suite bathroom and walk in dressing room for the main bedroom.
Adjacent to the main house is a newly built, very neat flatlet for guests with two adjoining en-suite bedrooms.
The original old farm house is structurally sound, but needs fitting internally. It was recently occupied by tenants, but all fittings etc are dated and it needs some money thrown at the interior to really make it an option.
Power - is importantly supplied directly from Eskom. There are a total of 4 x 50kva transformers, at least one of which is superfluous to current needs.
Fencing - the farm is bordered on 2 sides by a big 5 reserve. The other boundaries are just stock fenced. In total there are 40 stock camps as well as 2 game fenced breeding enclosures of roughly 50h each. All camps have water.
Tunnels - the farmer has a neat hydroponics setup, growing tomatoes for the Pick and Pays and Spar locally. In total there are 3 of 30m x 14m tunnels, and 7 of 30m x 10m tunnels (one of which is not erected). The tunnels are complemented by a small packhouse, with separate nutrient and poison stores. At the asking price, these tunnels are included, but at a lower offer, may not form part of the sale
Outbuildings - there are a number of sheds, workshops, tool rooms, and fodder stores etc on the farm, all of which are old but perfectly functional. There are very good cattle handling facilities and separate loading ramp.

Game currently on the property includes:
70 Impala
8 Eland
15 Nyala
8 male Bontebok
Numerous Bushbuck, Blue Duiker, Common Duiker, Kudu, Mountain Reedbuck, Warthogs and Bush Pigs.
As discussed, the grazing, browse and habitat types would allow for the introduction of pretty much any species, with trials on Buffalo and Sable having both proved very successful.

This is probably one of the better stock farms I have encountered. The high carrying capacities as well as the fact that both cattle and grazing / browsing small stock have been run very successfully makes this very attractive in a market that favors diversity. That said, I think its best use is probably as a combination hunting / breeding project. The density and variety of game it could support would be impressive and the topography would ensure a rewarding experience for even the most discerning hunter.
All in all, a very attractive proposition.
R 23 mill + VAT if applicable. (This price excludes the baler)


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