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Court prohibits new conveyancing model

21 May 2018

A company that deals with the day to day administration of property transfers, while the conveyancer attorneys perform the legal side of transfers, lost its bid for the court to give its blessing in this regard. "Until the model is implemented, the court cannot postulate whether bond attorne...

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Downtown living also appealing to seniors

21 May 2018

The decision whether to rent or buy is more commonly thought of as a dilemma for young professionals establishing their households, not those approaching retirement. But whether it's a financially savvy decision or simply the only solution when they can't find a suitable place to buy, some baby b...

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Banks more willing to lend a positive sign for home buyers and sellers

18 May 2018

Banks are showing an increased appetite to lend, according to first quarter (Q1 2018) property statistics recently released by ooba, South Africa's leading home loan originator. "Banks are increasingly willing to lend the full value of a property without requiring a deposit," says Dyer, ...

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Is the Airbnb model a true threat to the traditional rental industry?

17 May 2018

While many were at first sceptical when Airbnb first launched in 2008, sentiment quickly swayed after the company announced that it had generated R2.4bn in economic activity in South Africa in 2016, transforming it into a widely used platform for those looking to make some extra cash. Is the Airbnb...

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