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Why sectional title schemes should have separate water billing for units

19 Jan 2018

With the Western Cape still in the midst of a severe severe drought, many households have had to adjust the way they use water. According to Mandi Hanekom, operations manager for sectional title finance company Propell, it is a little more complicated in sectional title schemes. It is not easy to im...

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Are show days still relevant?

18 Jan 2018

With most consumers looking online for property, many real estate professionals have stopped using open show days as a marketing tool to sell a home. Within the property industry, there is some debate among real estate professionals as to whether show days are still a worthwhile step in the prope...

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Early cancellation of a residential lease

18 Jan 2018

In ideal rental situations, when a lease is signed the tenant will stay for the full duration of his lease without any complications and the landlord will uphold his obligations, creating a win-win situation for tenant and landlord. What happens though when the lease is to be cancelled early, whe...

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Realtors warn against excessive positivity

16 Jan 2018

National house-price growth in 2018 is anticipated to be "slightly better" than 2017's average, which FNB's John Loos says was 3.7%.. Having said this though, it is only a mild expected strengthening to "perhaps nearer to 5% price growth", still translating into mild "rea...

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