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Resolving disputes in sectional titles

03 Mar 2021

A fallout with the body corporate, a neighbour or trustee over issues pertaining to your sectional title property needn't be a stressful, highly-charged, drawn-out or costly affair when most disputes can be settled internally or via the community schemes Ombudsman. Sectional Title schemes fall with...

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Insurance essentials for community housing schemes

02 Mar 2021

There is much that Sectional Title trustees and Home Owners' Association directors can do to avoid large insurance claims arising in their housing schemes - and also much that they must do to avoid any claims that are submitted from being repudiated. So says Andrew Schaefer, MD of leading propert...

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Should I fix my home before I sell?

01 Mar 2021

Those whose homes are in ill-repair face a complex decision when deciding whether to list as is or fix the property before it goes to market, especially within the current market where financial resources are under pressure. Sellers in this position will need to choose whether to spend the money on ...

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Personal touch is becoming increasingly important in real estate

26 Feb 2021

During these uncertain times, the importance of personal connection is being highlighted - especially to those who are in service industries such as the real estate sector. Top international real estate coach, Brian Buffini, believes that prioritising self-care and the well-being of others is at the...

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