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SA listed property suffered third consecutive quarter of negative returns

13 Nov 2018

Listed property suffered a third consecutive quarter of negative returns in 3Q2018, with the SA Listed Property Index 'SAPY'and All Property Index 'ALPI' returning -1.0% and -1.5% respectively. Despite bond yields rising, bonds (ALBI) were the best performing asset class with an 0.8% total return. E...

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Pay 0.5% less on your home loan interest rate, see what you'll save

12 Nov 2018

South African home buyers need to become more aware of the advantages of being offered a lower interest rate when they are initially approved for a home loan. This is according to Rudi Botha, CEO of BetterBond, national bond originator. BetterBond currently accounts for 25% of all new mortgage...

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The ins and outs of financing a property abroad

12 Nov 2018

There are plenty of hoops to jump through when investing in foreign property, but it is a wise and healthy form of wealth management, according to South African expat and co-owner of RE/MAX Malta, Elsabie van der Merwe. "Though the process is much simpler if the buyer has the funds readily a...

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Be property savvy

09 Nov 2018

Experience is said to be the best teacher, and when it comes to buying property, this cannot be more true. Cape Town resident Nicola Williams bought her home in 2015 and knows what she will do differently when she buys her next one. "Shortly after I bought the home, there were many electrica...

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