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Illegal estate agents 'due to a lack of proper industry regulation'

17 Nov 2017

The EAAB (the Estate Agency Affairs Board) recently claimed that around 50,000 illegal estate agents could currently be operating illegally. Jan le Roux, Chief Executive of Rebosa (the Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa) questioned these figures and wants to know what the EAAB is doing a...

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Industrial property leads in terms of SA property investment returns

16 Nov 2017

According to the latest MSCI's IPD South Africa Bi-annual Property Index, industrial property was the top performing sector in the country with a total return of 7.0% for the first six months of 2017. Despite tough economic conditions, this outperformance was driven mainly by a lower vacancy rate ex...

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'Defects normally not the seller's problem'

15 Nov 2017

When buying a home the buyer will find that in South African law there are two categories of defects - latent and patent. A patent defect is one that is easily discovered by any person doing a reasonably thorough inspection of the property. A latent defect is one which is not easily detected by s...

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More flats and fewer houses being built

15 Nov 2017

South Africa's economy may be making property ownership a little harder to achieve, but statistics reveal that more than 50 000 homes were purchased from July to September. Furthermore, 36 740 bonds were registered at the Deeds Office during this period, totalling almost R39 billion. The average ...

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