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Property finance: Are stokvels the future?

23 Jul 2019

Results from the 2019 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor show that it is entirely possible that a new, parallel property finance market could be born out of the rapid rise of property stokvels. This potential for disruption is enormous considering that the size of the traditional stokvel mark...

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How internet penetration affects the housing market

22 Jul 2019

One need only glance at news headlines and the trending topics on social media to discover that data costs are a hot topic right now. During his State of the Nation Address in June, President Cyril Ramaphosa responded to the #DataCostMustFall movement by announcing that within the month of July, com...

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What the latest SA stats mean for the housing market

22 Jul 2019

The new General Household Survey (GHS) report just released by StatsSA has huge implications for the residential property sector, according to Rudi Botha, CEO of SA's leading bond originator BetterBond*. "For a start, the survey found that about half of all South Africans over the age of 18 ...

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How "refirement" is reshaping senior housing

19 Jul 2019

People are generally living longer these days than they used to, with the result that the over-60 sector of the population is growing and the need for senior accommodation is increasing. However "retirement" now is also a very different concept from what it used to be, says Berry Everit...

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